CAJ Consultants - Political and Governmental Consulting

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CAJ Consultants offer a wide-range of services designed for the small to medium sized campaign. At CAJ Consultants our job is to maximize your time so that you can use your resources as effectively as possible. CAJ Consultants takes care of the mundane yet necessary tasks that are essential to a campaign, such as website design and implementation, ad design, sign and print media production, mailing/distribution, polling, grassroots campaigning, and creating a campaign plan that is both understandable and tailored the needs of our candidate. Not only do we we provide campaigns with essential services, we also use our nationwide network of vendors to get the best quality products for the lowest price possible. Our ongoing agreements with both local and national companies save valuable campaign resources. 

With CAJ Consultants, you will be able to maximize your time while running a more efficient and economical campaign. Our experience performing essential campaign tasks, the connections to do it efficiently, and the knowledge to help you form a campaign plan, will make your life as a candidate much easier. Whether or not you take advantage of what we have to offer is up to you. Don't begin your race already behind. Get a leg up on your competition with CAJ Consultants!

A sampling of the services we offer:

  • Crisis Management
  • Database/File Management
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Email blasts/databases
  • Event Planning
  • Fund-raising
  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts
  • Grassroots Organizing
  • Internet/Web Site development
  • Mailing and Phone databases
  • Media Buys (Print, Television, and Online)
  • PAC Consulting (NC Only)
  • Polling
  • Public Relations
  • General Research (District, Demographics, and Opposition)
  • Targeting (Micro)
  • and many more!


Offering years of experience in the fields of marketing and economic development on behalf of government agencies and nonprofits, CAJ Consultants provide clients with a wide range of services including technological, grant writing and submission, marketing activities, and operational components to small and medium sized non-profit and governmental agencies. Contact us for specific questions of services offered.